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9 Signs Of Collapse

What if you knew the collapse was imminent before the general public? If you did, you’d have a chance to run to the store and grab some last-minute preps before they’re snatched up by looters. Fortunately there are many signs of collapse. I recommend monitoring sites like Zero Hedge for up-to-date economic news and following local news channels on Facebook or Twitter. If you notice several of the following signs at once, you might have a chance to stock up on supplies while the rest of the public is still at home watching TV.

Signs of Collapse

Here, then, are the 9 signs of collapse:

  1. Bank Failures – This, of course, was one of the first signs of collapse before the Great Depression began. If you see bank runs, withdrawal limits or bank holidays, it could be a sign that the game is over.
  2. Empty Shelves – If a normally well-stocked grocery store is having trouble keeping things like milk and bread in stock, it’s a very bad sign.
  3. Increased Police Presence – If you notice more police (especially militarized police) in normally peaceful areas, it could mean they know something you don’t.
  4. Lines at Gas Stations – People will wait patiently for
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The Importance of Home Security

Home SecurityWhen preparing for a major disaster, most people focus on food and water. And while that’s very important, people often forget that one of the biggest dangers after a collapse is crime. Like I said last week, it’s very important to have a good home security system in addition to food and water. After all, what good is that food if it gets stolen?

The other day I read a great article on 10 ways to prepare for the collapse. It includes some interesting information about what life was like in Argentina after they experienced hyperinflation in 2001. (To learn more about that, I recommend you visit this site.) Look at how much crime went up after their collapse:

  • Grand theft auto went up 248%.
  • Robbery went up 4,159%.
  • Assault went up 5,597%.
  • Burglary went up 512,100%!

This is why it’s extremely important to make your home as burglar-proof as possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get a dog. You’ll have to stock up on dog food, too, but it’s worth it because most criminals often go to the next house when they hear a dog barking. 
  • Get some doorknob alarms. These are great because they run on
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Economic Collapse is Inevitable

Today’s post might seem a little frightening, but it’s information you need to know. A collapse of the United States economy is not just possible, it’s inevitable. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Economic CollapseConsider this. The United States currently imports about 2/3 of its oil, and about 2/3 of that oil is used for transportation. The money we use to buy that oil isn’t backed by gold or anything physical; it’s backed by U.S. debt, and our total debt (almost $17 trillion as of this writing) cannot be paid back. However, the dollar still appears to have value because only dollars can be used to purchase oil on the global market. This means the dollar is in demand, and that’s why it still has some value. It’s often referred to as the petrodollar.

Here’s the problem. Many countries like China and Russia don’t like the fact that the Federal Reserve is devaluing the dollar with all its money “printing.” It’s not a good deal for them to get dollars in exchange for oil when those dollars are worth less every year. That’s why they’re talking about trading with each other without using the dollar. … Read the rest

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